Bil Ruth

Bil Ruth is the current featured artist & I wish that he weren't. Bil was an incredibly friendly & talented guy who never quite made the hot list for comics, but always had so much talent that you expected that he would. He recently had a heart attack & died while jogging. I have had other artist friends who have passed on. More & more seem to come every month, but for some reason Bil's death strikes me more closely than most. I don't know if it was because Bil had so much untapped potential, or if it was because our ages were similar, or because he never got the recognition that I thought his talent deserved, or just because I am feeling old. I think that the biggest reason is probably because I won't ever see a new piece of art from him & marvel at how much God had graced him in some ways.

Bil contributed art to an odd assortment of comics including Voices From the Edge, The Wildstorm Lingerie card set, Negative Burn, Kilroy is Here, & the Marvel vs. Wildstorm card set. He even provided much classier art than was warranted for Eros comics Sexy Tales to Give You the Creeps.

I am putting up a few scans that I have by Bil. This should give you some idea of his abilities.

RIP_BIL_RUTH_SKETCH_1997103 ruth_sexytales03
ruthaom0202 BETTBR202

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