Mike Grell

Mike Grell has done great work in comics for almost 30 years! Unlike some artists who seem to come in with a bang & then coast for a career, Mike has come up with hits & changed people's approach to comics time after time. He made a splash working on long standing characters with his work on Superboy & the Legion of Super-Heroes & the Green Lantern/Green Arrow comics. Then he created one of DC's longest running titles of the 1970's in Warlord, a title that he wrote & drew, which was unusual for the time. He helped to pioneer the independent publishing movement of the 1980's with Starslayer & Jon Sable Freelance (which hopefully will be coming to a theater near you soon). He returned to Green Arrow & completely revamped him in the 1990's with his Longbow Hunters series, which was probably the high point for the character. He is currently beginning a stint writing Iron Man & working to bring more of the characters that he has created over the years into different media. For a complete list of available art by Mike Grell, click here.

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