Erik Doescher

These days Erik Doescher uses a computer pad as his drawing table, with the images going directly to the screen. Unfortunately that means no more original pages for art fans. Luckily the talented Mr. Doescher still has plenty of cool originals from his years working for DC Special Projects. In that capacity, he drew most of the classic DC characters at one time or another. His art has been used on everything from traditional comic books, to drinking glasses, to shower curtains. Frequently the images of Batman or Superman on T-shirts are seen by more people than will ever read an issue of the character's comics. Erik has also done traditional comic work on Dexter's Laboratory & Scooby Doo. Here are some examples of his work. For a complete list of available art by Erik Doescher, click here.

d_supermanstyle202 d_crimesquadstyle02

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