Gil Kane

kaneaom0202When I was 5 or 6 years old, I realized that sometimes Spider -Man looked better than at other times. I figured out that when Gil Kane did the artwork, Spider-Man looked "right", & when someone else did it, that he didn't. That was when I realized that different artists actually made a difference! It was a big revelation to my young mind.
Gil Kane often made people look at their preconceived notions of comics. He experimented with the format of comics with his paperback "Blackmark" book & the magazine "His Name Savage" He challenged ideas about comic subject matter with "Savage" & his adaptation with, Roy Thomas, of The Ring of the Neibelung.
Kane's work ethic should challenge the notions of many of today's artists. During the 1970's there were months when he pencilled almost every single cover to every comic that Marvel published.
Kane is best known for his redesign for the Silver Age of Green Lantern & the Atom as well as his work on Spider-Man. If you ask 10 different fans what his best work was though, you might receive 10 different answers. At one time or another he drew virtually every character for DC & Marvel & managed to do great work for several smaller companies.
Kane also worked outside comics. He drew a syndicated strip called Star Hawks that Ron Goulart wrote.He also worked for Ruby Speares Animation, designing characters & concepts for several series.
He was my favorite comic artist. Gil Kane 1926-2000.

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